What is the NASB Version of the Bible?


The American Standard Version (ASV) of 1901 gave birth to the New American Standard Bible (NASB). The NASB attempted to render syntax and vocabulary in modern English while maintaining the literal correctness of the ASV. The rendering of verb tenses was given special care in order to provide the English reader with … Read more

What is the ESV Version of the Bible?

ESV study Bible

The Bible is considered one of the best-selling books of all time, and its popularity is not just attributed to the religions that utilize it as the foundation of their faith but also to millions of people around the world that read the Bible as it can be a source of wisdom … Read more

What are the most popular Biblical destinations outside Israel?

Drone, Aerial, Rome, Outdoors

Roman Catholicism played a significant role in the religious history of Italy at first. Christianity first arrived in Italy not long after Jesus Christ died on the cross. Under the Roman Empire, Christians in Rome were the instruments for disseminating this new faith throughout Italy. Christianity was considered superstition and even an opposition … Read more

What are the most popular Biblical destinations in Israel?

Israel, Jerusalem, Jewish

Israel has long been recognized as the Bible’s land. Christian sites in Israel demonstrate the Bible’s true greatness, bringing the holy words to life. In addition, touring these biblical locations in Israel will alter your perception of the places you have read about. Numerous Christian holy sites associated with the Christian world can be found … Read more

On Contentment

On Contentment

Contentment. This has actually been reviewing around in my mind for a while currently. Being material. Am I material? Are we as a culture? Is whining ok? What concerning “airing vent”? Is it ok to aim in the direction of a far better residence, much better task, much better life? Is satisfaction … Read more

John 12:42-43

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Typically my articles will certainly have to do with GF living, yet sometimes I will certainly compose messages that venture off right into flows of bible or minutes in my life. We will certainly be back to our frequently arranged programs following week! I read in guide of John Chapter 12:42 -43 … Read more