What are the Ingredients in Chick-Fil-A Sauce?

Sauces are a big deal for fast food establishments. Given how many big-name chains have one, it’s definitely a rite of passage in the service industry to unveil a secret sauce. The problem with secret sauces is that they rarely stay that way.  Same with the famed Chick-fil-A sauce which is only a mixing of three ingredients in your own home.

Chick- Fil – A Sauce Recipe


1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons mustard (yellow)

1 tablespoon barbecue sauce

1 lemon juice tablespoon

a half-cup of mayonnaise


  1. Chill for at least one hour after combining all ingredients. Mix everything in a small bowl with a whisk or fork.
  2. Serve right away or keep refrigerated until ready to use (it thickens a little in the fridge).

Recipe Notes

  1. Honey is a delicious liquid created by bees from flower nectar. For thousands of years, people all across the world have hailed honey for its health benefits. Honey is available raw or pasteurized, and in a range of color grades On average, it contains around 80% Trusted Source sugar. 
  2. Yellow Mustard, also known as “American mustard,” gets its vivid yellow color from turmeric. It’s one of the milder mustards, and it’s a staple at most backyard cookouts including hot dogs or burgers in the United States. Most Americans just refer to mustard as “mustard.”
  3. The brand of barbecue sauce you select will make the largest impact in the outcome of this sauce (some are smokey, some are sweet and some are spicy). Any brand will do, but I recommend the original Sweet Baby Ray’s. If you’re using a sweetened barbecue sauce, you may want to omit some or all of the honey.
  4. Lemon juice obtained by crushing the fruit’s pulp. The juice is utilized for a range of culinary and non-culinary purposes all over the world. The acidity of the juice varies according on the type of fruit.
  5. Oil, egg yolks, lemon juice or vinegar, and seasonings are used to make mayonnaise, a thick, creamy condiment or dressing. Salad dressing, on the other hand, does not contain egg yolks and is often sweeter than mayonnaise. The classic example is combining oil and water. Emulsifying involves slowly adding one component to another while swiftly mixing them together. This causes microscopic droplets of one liquid to scatter and suspend in another.
  6. This dipping sauce recipe serves one or two people, but if you want a lot of sauce or are feeding additional people, double the recipe. Don’t worry if you make too much since it tastes just as nice the next day!
  7. This sauce is fantastic with any type of chicken (fried or grilled). It’s also great as a sandwich spread.

What distinguishes Chick – Fil – A sauce from others?

Chicken sauce

In the early 1980s, a restaurant Team Member unintentionally blended barbeque sauce with a honey mustard mixture created by franchise Operator Hugh Fleming in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It’s as simple as that! It was then that Chick-fil-A Sauce was developed. 

It has, without a doubt, been a success since then. Restaurants ordered almost 500 million individual packets of Chick-fil-A sauce in 2017. People in the Southwest have a strong preference for the tasty condiment, ordering more than everyone else in the country in 2017.

If you’ve ever eaten at Chick-fil-A, you’ve definitely had the chicken chain’s signature Chick-fil-A sauce, an orange condiment with a flavor combination that’s both recognizable and difficult to pinpoint. It’s a craze that’s spawned imitation recipes and eBay sales. Customers consume around 84 million packets of the sauce per year, according to Chick-Fil-A.

Only this sauce, named after the establishment, reigns supreme among the Chick-Fil-A menu’s many offerings.

What exactly is enigmatic in this condiment?

Chick-fil-A sauce is a combination of honey mustard, barbecue, and ranch sauces, according to the brand. Chick-fil-A operator Hugh Fleming created the sauce in the 1980s when the chicken chain didn’t have a dipping sauce on the menu.

Fleming started with his own honey mustard dressing recipe, which immediately became popular. Soon, the honey mustard was being loaded into a pump dispenser at the Chick-fil-A restaurant, where it was unintentionally mixed with barbecue sauce one day.

The addition of the barbecue to Fleming’s recipe made the sauce even more appetizing, resulting to the creation of Chick-fil-A Sauce as we know it today. Before retiring in 2007, Fleming provided his recipe to Chick-fil-A nationwide.

Customers today are just as devoted to the sauce as they were in the 1980s, when some people tried to fill soft drink cups with it. Because the condiment is often packaged in mini-packets, admirers are more likely to take to Twitter to laud its praises than to walk out with a cup full of sauce.

Flemming told Chick-fil-A, “I can’t believe the frenzy surrounding it.” “I’ve never seen anything like it… I could stay here all day telling you stories about that sauce.”

Chick-fil-A sauce has influenced a lot of people, from copycat recipes to its own song. If you’ve ever tried Chick-fil-A sauce, you already know why it’s so good. If you haven’t already, take a chance and try the famed sauce. Because it comprises 170mg of salt and 13 grams of fat, Chick-fil-A sauce is undoubtedly so wonderful. But you’re already a Chick-fil-A fan, so what have you got to lose? What’s another 140 calories worth of shopping at your favorite stores like Kroger?